Client Testimonials

One of my favorite things about simplifying my clients' space is hearing their reaction once the simplification process is complete. 

Here are a few of my clients' thoughts regarding their
simplified space:

 "I feel like I lost 100 pounds!"

"I'm ready to start living a more simplified life."

"I just can't say enough fabulous things about her room.  I just totally totally love it…it is phenomenal...I love is is a really cute little kid's room...that's a kid's room for ages 6 all the way to age's it!  Oh my gosh, I really want my whole house to be like her room...I'm ready for the next step!"

"I want to continue until every area of my life/house is more simplified!" 

"Thank you for my new room."

"I am excited to get back to using my scanner.  Thanks for getting all the settings right so it’s easy as can be.  I’ve been finding myself thinking more about what needs printing and what needs trashing.  You’re definitely right that it requires some mindset changes. Thank you as well for your easy style and ease of jumping right in with me.  I appreciate your kindness with my overly detailed saving and stuff." 

"I cannot type, say, write, express enough to describe how FABULOUS Nikki Farris with Simplify Your Space is!!!!!  She has changed my/our life and made our daily organization better than I ever thought possible.  Nikki is professional and works so diligently to teach me and my family organizational skills to keep life simplified and organized.  She helped my daughter move out and back into TCU housing.  She will be a mentor for her, teaching skills for moving and so much more.  I wish I could clone her for my Austin home!!!"

"I appreciated your help yesterday and have a game plan now for clearing the papers in my office.  One of the reasons I call you back is that you’re positive, encouraging and supportive.  Working with you, over time, has helped change some long standing habits and transformed my relationship with paper!”

"We love our rooms!  They are perfect!  My husband is so excited; he's like a little kid in a candy shop.  It will be so nice to entertain now for the holidays.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  We truly appreciate it."

"Nikki is amazing at what she does!!  I was out of town for 4 days and when I got back she had cleaned, organized and opened up my entire garage full of boxes from my move into my house.  It was the BEST feeling I've ever experienced with having my home organized.  The most important thing for me is to not feel judged with all my stuff.  It's personal, it's messy and embarrassing.  As a single mother with a business, organization is last on my list.  Nikki passes NO JUDGEMENT and makes you feel so so comfortable.  And she really helps counsel you through (if you need it, like me) that it is okay to get rid of or pass something on to someone in need!  She hauls things off, takes to donation stations and the list goes on!!  You will not regret hiring her!!"

"Nikki Farris is seriously the best in the business.  She has always gone above and beyond on every project of ours and I cannot imagine moving in and out of the TCU dorms without her!!!"

"Wow, this actually looks like a gameroom now."

"I have used Nikki for several years now and absolutely love her and the results I see in my home.  She has a very nice way about her - very comforting for a chronically disorganized person!  I love how I feel when she has worked her magic in different spaces in my home.  She is lovely and excellent at what she does!  Highly recommend!"

"Now I am inspired to press on with all the unorganized places in our house. You are such fun to work with!" 

"Thanks for taking the time to put together such a personalized plan.  You have saved me hours of searching online and in stores for the fun things I need to finish getting settled into this house."

"Thank you for getting me motivated to be so organized.  This is a much better and easier way to live my life." 

"Thanks again for making our home look beautiful.  We love it!  It's so nice to hang out upstairs.  You do an awesome job!"

  “I cannot tell you how “free” I feel in my own home now that it is organized…I truly believe your gift is not just organization – it’s encouragement and affirmation.  I appreciate you sharing your gifts and talents with me – our whole family is benefiting from a healthy, simple space!”

"Thank you so much for all your help and great ideas.  I'm excited to put your plan into action and finish organizing my house." 

"I'm so happy about my closet...I'm not afraid to ask anyone to come back to my closet any is great!" 

"I need someone to light a fire under me."

"I am so pleased.  You have inspired me!"

"You were awesome, and I will recommend you to all my friends!!!!"

"Makes me want to do all closets!" 

  "Nikki is WONDERFUL!  She has a key to my home because there are many times that she comes and works and restores order and I come home and can breathe again.  Seriously, I am a professional mess and she brings order to my home, my office and my life in general.  I cannot recommend her enough.  One year she came while we were at Disney World and she decorated my house for Christmas so when I came home - it was done.  She also organizes my son's artwork and school projects, photos, etc.  Things that I wish I was better about getting to or organizing, but it's not my gift or in my wheelhouse, she she handles all of it for me."

"Thanks, Nikki!  I keep on staring at my dining's perfect!  And my husband is in heaven.  The girls keep on saying, 'Miss Nikki decorated this for us.'"