Walking the Talk

The below pictures & captions are from our home that we have since sold.  I have kept this section on the site so that clients and potential clients can get a feel for how I "walk the talk" when it comes to living simply.  It's a way of life...and boy does it feel good!

So that you can better understand my reasoning behind originally sharing these pictures & captions of our family's space, please see my post entitled "Walking the Talk."

All photographs were taken by Paige Walker Photography
Thank you, Paige!

Our kids' playroom!  
We have it set up in "stations"...dress-up station, camp-out station, art station, kitchen station, & reading/relaxing stations.  By storing like items with like items, stations help kids figure out where "stuff" goes when it's time to clean up.  This concept of storing like items with like items also works for adults!
These are playful letters that hang above our son & daughter's "Reading Nooks" in the playroom.  Thrifty Decor Chick was my inspiration for creating nooks for the kids.


As with all spaces that I help simplify be it a playroom or a client's home office, my goal is to create a space that feels inviting & "homey"...a space that makes you want to be there! 

Here are the actual "Reading Nooks."  When I need for the kids to chill out while I cook supper or get ready in the morning, it's a huge help to have an inviting space for them to go when I tell them, "Go to your Reading Nook!"

Another view of the playroom...the "art station" is to the right.
Our kids' art display, which hangs in the hallway that leads to their rooms.
Where our chefs-in-training prepare their meals. ;o)
Our son's room...can you tell he is a baseball fan?!
The red chair is an actual stadium seat from the old Arlington Stadium where the Texas Rangers used to play....so graciously handed down from by brother to our son.

 These bats & balls are all signed by hubby's childhood heroes.

Drawing of the baseball player on the left wall won hubby an award when he was in elementary school.  Hubby actually wore that hanging jersey when he was a kid. 

Labeled bins that are easy for our son to open & close by himself are a helpful way to make clean-up simple.  Even though our son is not able to read yet, the labels help him with letter & word recognition.  Those boxes at the top are packed full of old baseball cards that hubby collected as a kid.  Our son adores looking through them.
Off-season clothes are hung high & out of the way of in-season clothes, which are placed on the lower rod where our son can reach them by himself.

Our daughter's room...
Labeled plastic toy bins similar to our son's are housed in this piece of furniture.  Again, makes for easy clean-up, even for our 2-year old daughter.
All of our daughter's furniture was my furniture from when I was a little girl.  It was sanded down & repainted from a blond wood to this crisp white by the amazingly talented Vito Finazzo of Creative Solutions (contact me for his information). 

 Quilt at the foot of the chaise was handmade by my mom for my college dorm room.  I'm a girlie girl through & through and already at age 2, so is our daughter!

 Curtains are lined with blackout material, which makes for some pretty great sleeping.  Blackout curtains are a must, in my opinion, for children's rooms. 

 Bow organizer handmade by my mom for our daughter.  It's definitely getting some use, wouldn't you say?!

Similar to our son's closet, off-season clothes are placed on the high rod so as to not take up space for where in-season clothes can hang within reach for our daughter.

The kids' Jack & Jill bathroom.
The fun colorful handwoven rugs in front of each of the kids' sinks were made by Melanie of MWest Designs.

Heading downstairs to the main floor of our home....
The stairs are right off the kitchen, which is super convenient given that we spend so much time in there.
One of my favorite details in our home: the tile risers!
Strategically placed just inside where we enter the house, this organizer is the home of backpacks, my purse, hubby's wallet, our cell phones, iPods, the camera & car keys.  We can plug in our electronic devices here to charge...so easy & convenient to know where everything is! 
The view as you enter through our front door.
We built our home with a local Fort Worth custom & semi-custom homebuilder, Village Homes.  Michael Dike & Janet Bishop are incredible to work with.  We highly recommend them if you are looking to build a new home in the Fort Worth, TX area.
The kids love to eat in the dining room because of the view looking out onto the cul-de-sac from the front windows.  We are not formal people so I designed a space that includes comfortable seating & a soothing color palette.  We eat pretty much every meal in here!
We have a couple of antiques that were in my house growing up.  Hubby & I LOVE old things.  One of my favorite pieces is this one, which is an antique "pie safe."  We have it in our dining room & it's used as a fun space to display collectibles.  It held blankets & quilts in my house when I was a kid.
This is the view of the dining room from the kitchen looking through the Butler's Pantry.  The door to the food pantry is on the right here in this picture.
Labels, labels, labels...as you can see, I love me some labels, particularly in our food pantry!  Labels don't have to be fancy...they just need to be visible & easy to read.  Our pantry is a nice big size so it can hold so much more than just food.  Hubby likes to poke fun of my labels but when he's in need of a battery or a Band-Aid for one of the kids, he knows exactly where to find them!
Re-purposing any & all kinds of bins, baskets & even flower pots you already have around the house is a simple inexpensive way to keep like items corralled.
Speaking of re-purposing storage solutions: this green sorter above was originally hanging over the closet door in our son's nursery & housed various baby items.  Instead of giving it away once we no longer needed it in his closet, I simply nailed it to one of the inside walls of the food pantry to gather like items...items that otherwise don't sit well on pantry shelves like bags of beans, nuts, etc.
Here is where I spend so much of my time preparing meals for our family!  The kitchen, the heart of so many families' homes, is strategically placed in the center of our home.  Deep drawers are convenient for housing pots & pans and the prep sink in the island for washing fruits & veggies is one of my favorite additions.  I am a huge proponent of the Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner from The Container Store, as it is super easy to cut, simple to remove & wipe down and is worth every penny, in my opinion.
Here is the "meat & potatoes" of our home.  We enjoy the open-concept, especially when I'm cooking because I feel like I can be a part of everything else that is going on!
This if the view from the kitchen island looking into the living room.
We chose a neutral grasscloth wallpaper for this accent wall in the living room.  It's amazing how much the inclusion of texture on just one wall can help make a room feel cozier!
This black armoire houses our computer in the top cabinet & our TV components are housed in the bottom cabinet.  If you do not have a separate room in your house for a home office (or like us, you do not want a separate room), a computer armoire is the perfect solution.  We ordered this one from Kate Madison Furniture.  When we are not using the computer or do not wish for it to be on display, we simply close the cabinet doors.  The chair we sit in while using the computer can be used as additional seating in the living room.
Not sure what to do with long walls?  In addition to helping my clients simplify any space in their home, I can also aid in displaying wall decor.  I enjoy assisting clients in creating intrigue, depth, texture & a sense of "homey-ness" in a room...with items they already own or helping them shop for new affordable decor. 
This is my homemade sign for our Powder Bathroom, which is right across the hall from the door that goes out to the garage....guests kept trying to go out to the garage to use the restroom so a sign was a necessity!  The sign is just a chalkboard adhered to the door with Command strips.  A grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby hangs by ribbon from an over-the-door hanger & rests on top of the chalkboard.  I love getting inspiration from Pinterest.  You can follow my pinboards on Pinterest here.
Inside the Powder Bathroom we did floor to ceiling cool blue & chocolate damask wallpaper from WallpapersToGo.

Off to the the Master Suite....
Behind the bed are torn-out pages from old tea-stained books pasted to the wall.  I got that nifty idea from Emily Hewett of A Well Dressed Home.
A master bedroom is the perfect spot for displaying a couple's sentimental items that might not "fit" into other rooms of a home.  Here I have roses from the first bouquet hubby ever gave me pressed behind glass & hanging on the wall...the empty bottle of champagne from the night he proposed is sitting on the wall shelf next to my bridal bouquet...and our wedding album rests on the bench below.  The kids love to look at Mama & Dada "way back when!"
When designing the house, hubby & I wanted our bathroom to possess a spa-like feel to it.  We picked inviting earth tones with Benjamin Moore's soothing Daiquiri Ice on the walls.
We definitely feel like we can "retreat" to our space and feel like grown-ups, something that is vital to our sanity, as parents of kids of all ages are all too familiar with!
Ah!  The master closet!
My goal for our master closet was to create a dressing room, a simplified one-stop shop for getting ready.  The built-in dresser holds undies, socks, pj's, workout clothes & all else that needs to be folded.  No need to run back into the bedroom!
My off-season shoes are stored up on the top shelf in plastic shoe boxes & hubby even has a place to sit down to put on his work shoes in the morning.
Remember me talking about re-purposing things?  Mine & hubby's hats are suspended from that top closet rod by old shower curtain hooks.  To view more clever re-purposing solutions, follow my "Simplifying Ideas" pinboard on Pinterest here.
A portable laundry container with separate Lights & Darks sections cuts down substantially on laundry time.
Even hubby is simplified in his domain out in the garage.  This wall-mounted organizer (available at most local hardware stores) is a serious space saver & a great way to utilize under-utilized vertical space in any garage.


  1. Nikki, I love your beautiful, organized home! It is a perfect example of what simplifying can do to make your life run smoothly. You have done an amazing job with every room in your home. Now I am inspired to press on with all the unorganized places in our house. You are such fun to work with! Thank you for sharing your ideas. Laura P

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Laura! You and Roy are an absolute joy to work with & I appreciate you both so!

  3. Your home should be in a magazine! :o)

  4. Wow! I know I'm late but your house is gorgeous. I love the way you've used your inspiration to create your own unique decor. I'm inspired.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment, Dia! Glad to hear you are inspired. I am inspired by creative folks every day so I'm glad to read that you are inspired. :o)

  6. I love home tours-thanks for sharing your beauty-following you from TDC-stop on over for a visit!

  7. Your home is beautiful! I was wondering how to hang a single baseball bat like you did above the window in your boy's room..is there a certain peg to buy or did you create something yourself?

    1. Thank you, Michele! I appreciate your sweet words! I looked into the products out there to hang bats on but I really wanted the bats to seem as if they were floating so I rigged something up myself. It's basically a double wall hook made for holding tools on a wall grid/garage organizer. I found the hooks at Lowes & then screwed them into the wall. If you will send me an email at nikki@simplifyyourspacetx.com I will send you some up close pictures so you can see what I used!

    2. ok, I will send you an email and when you get a chance I would love to see a close up :o) thank you!

  8. Those tile risers ARE amazing! Beautiful home.....found you off TDC link party. I did a little girls room in pink clay :-)