Pinterest: Implementing Shared Simple Ideas

For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically a large online bulletin board where people can "pin" pictures that inspire of anything from organizing tips and home decor to recipes and fashion. 

People are SO creative & Pinterest is such a fun fantastic way to share, organize and categorize all of the inspiration from these creative folks!  

Pinterest has also been an incredibly valuable tool for helping my clients visualize organized,  simplified this gorgeous office space below found here on Pinterest.

In addition, Pinterest is a helpful way to become more tearing out pages of magazines and then trying to figure out the best method for organizing them...simply "pin" the ideas to your online Pinterest pinboards.  

For example, when I was designing our kids' playroom/gameroom, I loved looking through Pottery Barn Kids catalogs (I still do!).  I loved this space below in particular:

Rather than tearing out this page from the catalog, I  simply went to Pottery Barn Kids' website, searched for this particular inspirational space, and "pinned" it to my Pinterest "Gameroom/Playroom Inspiration" pinboard.

Below is a picture of our actual kids' playroom/gameroom and how I ended up incorporating the map and clocks idea from my inspirational Pottery Barn Kids catalog picture I pinned on my Pinterest pinboard:

I thought I'd share some other ideas that I have actually implemented from inspiration gathered on Pinterest.  Let's face it, it is super duper easy to spend countless hours on Pinterest browsing...but what about actually trying some of these fun inspiring ideas?!

My first example of how I put into action inspiring ideas gathered from Pinterest involves a Christmas gift this year for my Dad a.k.a. Pop.  

Pop is a really hard person to buy gifts for...however, he LOVES his grandkids....and furthermore, he LOVES to look at pictures of his grandkids, particularly when working in his home office space.

So, for my Dad's Christmas gift this year, I decided that I would put together a wall collage full of family photos.

Here is where fabulous Pinterest came in!

I searched on Pinterest for creative ways to display family photos and "pinned" all of the ideas I came across onto a pinboard named "P's Wall."

The picture below was my main inspiration I found on Pinterest for the center piece of Pop's family photo wall:

...and here is the main centerpiece of what I created for Pop's actual family photo wall:

Instead of using a backless frame like the inspirational photo from Pinterest, I used an old window that I found at a fabulous antique shop here in Fort Worth on Vickery called CC's Antiques. 

Other  simple ideas I have implemented from inspirational photos on Pinterest are as follows:

  • Fabric-covered shoe box lids instead of canvases...Pinterest inspiration picture:

...combined with a picture Mod Podged to a tile...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented both the fabric-covered shoe box lid & Mod Podged picture to tile ideas: as a substitute for a picture frame:

This fabric-covered shoe box lid with Mod Podged photo above is on the wall as you walk up the staircase in our home.  

I also included one fabric-covered shoe box lid with a 5x7 photo of each grandchild on Pop's collage wall.  Here is an example below of one of the grandchildren photos Mod Podged on a fabric-covered shoe box lid for Pop's wall:

As a side note, I have had several folks ask me who took our photos this year that were on our Christmas card.  The Christmas card photos as well as the photos of our family above were taken by Kortney Scott of Timeless Treasure Photography.  She is fantastic!

  • Towel bar with shower curtain hooks as vertical storage for items other than towels...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: as a "coat" rack under our organizer in our entry area:

  • Upside down command hook as hidden over-the-door hanger...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: as a way to hang our son's new Texas Rangers 2012 calendar from his closet door without damaging the actual closet door with a nail or tack:

  • Oven mit hung on inside of kitchen cabinet door to clear up drawer space...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: exactly like that...oven mit hung on inside of cabinet door to clear up drawer space:

(Quick Tip: For easy access when needing to remove hot items from the oven, I placed the hook on the inside of a cabinet door near the oven.)

  •  Unique, inexpensive, multiple picture display...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: with a grapevine wreath instead of a wire wreath like the inspirational picture:
  • Chalkboard list of "House Rules"....Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: smaller chalkboard, which hangs in the kids' playroom/gameroom:

  •  Whimsy hanging letters...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented it: as "labels" for the kids' Reading Nooks in their playroom, which you can see more of in the "Our Home" section of this blog:

Speaking of Reading Nooks...that idea also came from Pinterest and was the creation of one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Thrifty Decor Chick!
  • Children's Reading Nook...Pinterest inspiration picture: I implemented the idea, which can also be viewed in the "Our Home" section of this blog:

...the next idea was born from the combination of two inspirational Pinterest pictures....
  • Using paper as "wallpaper"... Pinterest inspiration picture:

...combined with...
  • Tree branch wall decals...Pinterest inspiration picture: I combined & implemented both ideas:  To implement the paper "wallpaper" idea, I tore out pages from a book on birds that I purchased at Half Price Books and spray glued the pages to the wall behind the kids' teepee in their playroom (see picture below).  Looking at the colorful bird pages is fun and educational for them, too! 

To incorporate the tree branch idea by bringing nature inside, I suspended an actual tree branch (it was free!) from the ceiling above the teepee so that the kids can feel like they are actually "camping out." I then suspended tin bird houses from the ceiling to make them look as if they are suspended from the tree branch (see picture below).

 ...and then there was how we decided to display our Christmas cards this year that I talked about in this post here....
  • Christmas card display...Pinterest inspiration picture: we implemented the Christmas card display idea...the first picture below was right after Thanksgiving....

...and this picture below was right after Christmas!  I actually ended up adding another ribbon to a different kitchen cabinet to accommodate all of the cards.  The kids really enjoyed looking at all of the cards during the month of December.

Wow!  Thanks, Pinterest!

In order to join Pinterest, you do have to be "invited."  You can go to their website and request an invitation or please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to send you an invitation.  

In addition, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how to navigate your way through Pinterest or how to best organize and/or  simplify your "pins."  

If you would like to follow my Simplify Your Space boards on Pinterest, simply click here (or you can click on the red button on the left side tool bar of this blog that says "Follow me on Pinterest").

Here's to implementing shared  simple ideas!

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  1. I love how you are putting your pinning into ACTION and that you put your own personal spin into some of the ideas as well. :)


    1. I appreciate your kind words, Heidi! Pinterest sure is a fun place to get inspired!