Deck the Walls: Adding a Little Simple Wall Decor

sim·pli·fy : to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier: to simplify a problem. 

The very definition of  simplify  says so the word is defined is exactly what I set out to do for my make whatever area of their life and/or space that is complicating things for them easier...plainer...less complex...simpler.

Now, what exactly is complicating life for one client might be different from that of another client.  For some it is how they manage household paper.  For others it is how they get dressed in the morning or prepare meals.  But nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: the need for  simplification.

One of my latest clients contacted me about what it was that was complicating her space and consequently her peace of mind.  

She and her family have lived in their current home for a couple of years now.  Their two front rooms of their home, their family dining room & her husband's study, have continued to sit with bare walls.  My client desired these spaces to be rooms she could be proud of, as they are after all the first two rooms you see as you walk in the front door of their beautiful home.

The dining space donned a table only....


...and her husband's study housed his desk, a newly purchased armoire with no contents & what the family considered an extra chair & ottoman that didn't really have another spot in their home.  



Anyone else have naked walls that you are not sure what to hang on them?  Or, like my client's husband, anyone have memorabilia you love but struggle with how to best display it?  

Like our definition of sim·pli·fy states above: make plainer or easier...

eay: free from pain, discomfort, worry or care

Yes, please! 

My client and her family were able to enjoy a morning out running errands together while I installed their new wall decor i.e. simplified their are the results:




To quote my client: "We love our rooms!  They are perfect!  My husband is so excited; he's like a little kid in a candy shop.  It will be so nice to entertain now for the holidays.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  We truly appreciate it."

Have you ever stared at your walls & wondered what would look best on them?  

Do you have wall decor that you love or has meaning to you and your family but you struggle with how to best display it?

I would love to help simplify whatever it is that is complicating your life or space.  Contact me today for your complimentary consultation....

....and remember, I also have gift certificates available if you know someone who could use a little simplicity!

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