A Few Quick Simple Christmas Deco Tips!

It has always troubled me how to best enjoy all of the wonderful Christmas cards we receive during the Christmas holiday from family & friends...we open them, read them & usually stuff them in a wall pocket.

I don't know about your kids/grandkids, but our kids LOVE to look at the cards...over...& over...& over again. :o)

So this year, I set out to find a  simplified way.  Thanks to one of my absolute favorite places to visit & research on the web, Pinterest, I found a fun, easy, inexpensive solution to simplify this process!

Simply  cut ribbon of your choice to fit your kitchen cabinets...& clip the cards to the ribbon as you receive them.  I used painters' tape (so that it will be easily removed after the holidays) to adhere the ribbon to the inside of the cabinet...and we are using clothes pins, paper clips & any other clips we have laying around the house to attach the cards to the ribbon.  We typically eat our breakfast & lunch in the kitchen at our eat-in kitchen bar, which faces these cabinets....perfect for the kids to view all the fun cards multiple times a day!

A sweet idea I learned several years ago for what to do with Christmas cards post Christmas is to gather them all in a plastic baggie.  The kids "draw" a card each night & we pray for that family during prayer time before bed.

Other ideas I scooped up from Pinterest:

Fill lanterns (there's one up on the mantel & one down in front of the fireplace) with extra Christmas balls, pine cones, berries...anything Christmas-y.  You can fill anything with extra Christmas balls...bowls, hurricanes, & glass cylinders.

 Below is our centerpiece on the dining room table.  I use this  simple  basic white platter to add seasonal items.  For the fall, the platter was full of gourds, pumpkins, leaves & rocks.  For Christmas, it now houses pine cones, poinsettias, berries & the same rocks. 

Another simple and inexpensive way to add a little Christmas cheer is to hang miniature ornaments from actual tree branches (real tree branches are priced the best...FREE!)...sort of like little mini Christmas trees in varying spots around the house.

The kids and I went exploring for the perfect branches (an activity they thoroughly enjoyed), nailed the branches to the wall that leads upstairs & adorned the branches with tiny wooden ornaments (Thanks, SaSa, for the adorable ornaments!).  The kids love to admire their handy work as they head up & down the stairs to their rooms.

To give our ordinary black oval mirror a little touch of Christmas, I hung a simple green wreath over it & dangled another miniature wooden ornament in the center.

Here's the entire wall...added another tree branch with more ornaments toward the top of the stair case.
Here's to  simplifying the holiday decorating season!

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