Walking the Talk

I have had several clients after helping them simplify their space say to me, "I'd love to see your house.  I bet it's super organized!"

That got me to thinking that I should share my family's space, showing my audience that I can help create  simplified spaces that are actually functional & livable...that my family and I actually walk the talk, so to speak.

As such, I added a new page to my blog entitled "Our Home."  You will see it on the top menu bar in between "Before & After Examples" & "Contact Nikki."  

As always, I would love to  simplify yours and/or your friends’ and family’s space(s) and help you find the right place for everything!

Contact me today for your complimentary on-site consultation.

Here’s to living a more  simplified life!

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  1. It's beautiful Nikki! I love everything! I love the windows w/ the little x 's. That my favorite thing to try in windows. I did it in my kitchen w/ moldings in the windows, but big X. Hope you can visit me :)

    ~ Julie

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Julie...and thanks for your sweet words! About to pop over to your site & visit you...