"A Much Better & Easier Way to Live My Life." -- A Home Office Simplified --

The title of this post is a direct quote from my latest client.  What an awesome feeling for anyone to experience!

In this electronic day and age, we are all on our computers....whether it be to check our email, update our Facebook status, pay bills or upload photos.  As electronic as our society has become, we still find ourselves inundated with paper...paper from snail mail (junk mail, magazines, catalogs & bills)...paper from our kids' schools (calendars, handbooks, flyers)...paper receipts when we make a purchase from anything from food to a new car.

My latest client, like so many of us, found herself overwhelmed with what to do with so many of her home office items.  Where's the best place for address labels?  Where should I keep my gift cards & bills to be paid?  What about my extra ink cartridges & extra file folders?  I want to read this magazine but not right now...where should I put it?

As a result of not having answers to these questions, my client found herself working daily in a home office space that had not only been overrun by paper but that was preventing her from being productive...a space that was actually counterproductive.

So...we two set off as a team to  simplify her daily home office routine & space!  In addition to helping my clients  simplify their spaces & routines, I also help to make their spaces feel more inviting & "homey," if you will.  Lamp light & REAL house plants that infuse fresh oxygen into the air are two of my favorite "homey feeling" additions to any space.

Here's what our teamwork produced....

Home Office Space Before...

 Home Office Space AFTER!!

Home Office Space Before....

 Home Office Space AFTER!!

In addition to helping my client find a spot for her necessary paper items, I'm also going to teach her how to transition to a more paperless lifestyle.  She purchased a quick scanner & we are going to get her set up on a paperless filing system this week!

Our time together this weekend helped my client realize that having a simplified place for everything in her home office is, as she so astutely put, a "much better & easier way to live my life." 

Know anyone who needs a little  simplification in their life?  Simplify Your Space  can help find the right place for everything!  Contact me today for a complimentary in-home consultation.

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