The Bull Discovers Some Peace in His Simplified China Closet

Upon meeting my latest client for the first time, some of the first words he uttered to me were, “I feel like a bull in a china closet in my own house.” He explained to me that “stuff” was at every turn…that he seemed to do circles around himself getting ready in the morning. I could hear the desperation & defeat in his voice & knew that some simplifying was in order!

How we make it through our morning routine can set the stage for how the rest of our day goes, wouldn’t you say? If you spend your morning frantically searching for that shirt or you’re thinking about where in the heck you last saw your deodorant, you will most likely leave your house in a less-than-desirable state (you need that deodorant when it’s 110 degrees outside ;o).

Wouldn’t it be preferable to start your day with a smooth, peaceful process…feeling confident because you know that all of your “stuff” has its proper, functional, intuitive, simplified home?

Let me answer that for ya: Heck yea it would!!

Here is a shot of the “The Bull’s” closet before:




Under the bathroom sink before:


Here is a shot of a bathroom drawer before:

Check it out AFTER!!

Linen closet before:


Now “The Bull” can peacefully go about his daily routine feeling more like a graceful gazelle instead of a bumbling bull in a china closet!

To quote “The Bull” client above, “I’m going to save so much money because I won’t be buying stuff I already have…I’ve walked through lots of houses in my life & have seen closets that look like this and thought, ‘how do real people have closets like this?’” To which I replied, you have one now....& all the tools & tips to keep it that way!

I know you’ve heard (or read, rather ;o) me say this before but I’m gonna say it again…

Why hire a professional organizer? What are the benefits?

Increased productivity and efficiency (yes, please!)

Increased quality personal time (can we say more time spent enjoying our morning coffee and less time searching for our toothbrush?!)

Restored order and peace of mind (life is entirely too short to be spent frantically searching for that missing shoe)

Time savings due to information being more accessible (not to mention money savings because you can feel confident of what you already own!)

Help from a non-judgmental professional (it is my job to help you, not judge you…we are all human!)

Decreased stress (Amen!)

Do you know of anyone who feels like a bull in a china closet in his or her home?

We can all use a little simplicity in our life, right?!

As always, I would love to simplify yours and/or your friends’ and family’s space(s) and help you find the right place for everything!

Contact me today for your complimentary on-site consultation.

Here’s to living a more simplified life!

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