A “Simplified” Formula

A Simplified” formula:

Young mom’s desire for daily routine & order

+ Her family’s underused, awkward room/area

= A new functional Simplified Space!!!

All you moms out there, whether you have toddlers, teenagers or grandkids, I’m sure you can empathize with my latest client’s desire for order and routine in her family’s daily life. Families these days are very busy and it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out where to begin to simplify a space or routine!

This one particular mom was a teacher before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, and as such, has a penchant for teaching her children.

She has an amazing collection of learning activities and supplies for fun crafts (she is an inspiration to me!), but she was in need of a handy, functional spot to retrieve her collection...and an easy inviting area for her children to participate in the activities.

Because her collection did not have a good home, it was not being used to its full potential.

In addition to her teaching tools, the kids of course have toys. The toys were scattered about in several different rooms and were also in need of a good functional home.

Not only did her family need a functional spot for retrieving toys and activities, but also the family’s living room had become a prisoner to toys.

Living Room Before

Just because a family has little ones doesn’t mean the parents have to sacrifice all of their adult space…grown-ups need grown-up space!

As a mom of two young ones myself, I am constantly looking for ways to enhance our son and daughter’s living and learning environment. Knowing that I’m a parent and that I’ve started my company, a sweet friend of mine told me about a parenting book that she knew would be right up my alley. It’s called Simplicity Parenting.

The premise behind the book is that too much clutter in life (both figurative and physical) is bad for children and for families.

There are chapters in this book that specifically address how de-cluttering children's spaces minimize the effects of materialism and opens space for creativity and self-sufficiency.

In other words, less is actually more…for adults AND for children!

After listening to my client’s pains regarding her family’s “stuff” and her sense of being lost in her lack of a daily routine, I set out to rejuvenate her home.

My goal was to design a space that would aid her in her daily efforts to teach and nurture her children.

There is a large space…a sort of rotunda…that separates the family’s kitchen and living room. This space is a bit awkward for an active family with young children, and as such, was not really being used.

Rotunda Area Before

But it is also in the center of their home and PERFECT for housing this family’s new simplified space!

Rotunda Area After!

Now the kids have a centralized fun, inviting, functional place to learn and play!

In addition to an area where her children could gather for learning and play time together, this mom also needed a welcoming environment for each of her children to go to that would foster and encourage independent time.

4-Year Old Boy’s Room Before

4-Year Old Boy’s Room After!

19-Month Old Girl’s Room Before

19-Month Old Girl’s Room After!

Now both children can retreat to their individual rooms where there simplified space invites them to engage in independent play and quiet time.

Oh, and the parents get their grown-up family living space back, too!

Living Room After!

To quote my mom client, “I cannot tell you how ‘free’ I feel in my home now that it is organized!”

So, why hire a professional organizer? What are the benefits?

• Enhanced productivity and efficiency
• More quality personal time
• Reestablished order and peace of mind
• Time (and money) savings due to information & items more easily accessed
• Guidance from a non-judgmental professional
• Reduced stress

Do you know of anyone that is in need of this ‘freeing’ feeling…some simplicity in his or her life? As always, I would love to simplify yours and/or your friends’ and family’s space(s).

Let me help you find the right place for everything!

Contact me today for your complimentary on-site consultation.

Here’s to living a more simplified life!

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