So much more than just a pretty picture!

Well, hello there!

I wanted to share with you the latest space I simplified...

This is a large closet where one of my clients puts all of her grandkids' toys....but it's also a space where she stores quite a bit of filing information as well as a copier & her shredder.





As you can see when you take a look at the before pictures, my client (and the grandkids for that matter) couldn't even get in there!

The reason for this: When her grandchildren would come over to play, the kids would basically throw everything back into the closet because there wasn't a functional way for them to store their toys.

After showing some of my family members the before and after pictures, one of my siblings commented, "It looks awesome. Can't wait to see the kids mess it all up!"

I thought this comment was worth blogging about!

I'm sure what my sibling was thinking is what a lot of people think when they view before and after pictures....that an after picture is just pretty to look at...

…but what I do for my clients is so much more!

My goal when I help my clients simplify a space is to create a space that will work for them instead of against that they can easily keep exactly that, simplified.

I don't just go in and make a pretty picture!

The storage solutions that now house the grandkids' toys are either on wheels for easy removal from the closet or have handles for easy transport. I designed a system for my client that will easily enable her grandchildren to...wait for it...actually clean up after themselves!

I would love to simplify your space (and your friends’ & family’s space, too) and help you find the right place for everything!

Contact me today for your complimentary on-site consultation.

Here’s to living a more simplified life!

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