About Nikki

Hi.  My name is NikkiI have enjoyed organizing and "straightening" things up since I can remember.  In fact, growing up my mom called me the "clean-up fairy" because after she went to bed for the evening, I would clean up the kitchen, fluff the pillows on the couch, and put everything back in its place.  It delighted me to see the look on her face when she came downstairs the next morning to see what I'd done...I loved that I could provide that relief for her...one less thing she had to worry about the next day!  

I was also tagged "Miss Organization" in my high school yearbook and have been willingly making my own bed (and my brother's occasionally growing up, too!) every day since I could basically walk.

So, how did the clean-up fairy decide to start Simplify Your Space?

Well,  after graduating from TCU with a BBA in finance and accounting, I was a commercial lender with Wells Fargo for six years before becoming a mom.  I was blessed to stay at home with our children during their very early years. 

We decided to put our house on the market several years ago.  Now, I'm a neat and tidy person but I'm also human.  In no way was our home (where children under the age of 4 lived) ready for complete strangers to come in and inspect every nook and cranny.  Closets were jammed pack with "stuff" from our childhood, high school and college,  the pantry was over-flowing, and the kids' playroom was in dire need of excavating.  So I did what I do best; I made a list.  Gosh, how I love lists....feels so good to check things off of them.  I was on a mission to de-clutter.  

After seeing the transformation of our master closet, I realized that life with less "stuff" was freeing and motivating.  It inspired me to transform the rest of our house.  I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.  I recognized how much disorder demotivates...how unkempt spaces prevent productivity.   

Simplifying your living space acts as an energizer!  When living and working in an area that has natural order to it, accomplishing tasks is easier and more pleasant.  I honestly felt like I had a better hold on my life knowing that everything had its place.  Right then and there, I decided that I wanted to use my love for organizing and simplifying to help other people feel this way, too.  

That's how Simplify Your Space came to be.